Rig Technician – Level 3


Rig Technicians operate oil and gas drilling rigs. Rig Technician - Level 3 journeyman certification confirms the journeyman can also perform the tasks of a Rig-Technician - Level 2 and a Rig Technician - Level 1 credential (See separate listings). The Rig Technician - Level 3 is also known as a Driller.

Drillers are responsible for:

  • Operating the draw-works, rotary equipment and pumps and supervising the assembly of drill string
  • Ensuring that safety and support equipment is functioning properly
  • Monitoring the progress of the drilling operation and communicating with well-site supervisors
  • Keeping a current record of drilling progress
  • Training crew members
  • Introducing procedures which may help the crew to work more safely and effectively
  • Participating in the supervision of rig mobilization and de-mobilization (rig-up and tear-out)

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