Rig Technician – Level 1


Rig Technicians operate oil and gas drilling rigs. The Rig Technician – Level 1 credential confirms that the holder can perform the tasks of a Rig Technician – Level 1 credential. Job title (i.e. tasks) commonly associated with the first level is motorhand.

Motorhands are responsible for:

  • Regularly maintaining drilling rig engines, transmissions, heating systems, diesel electric generators and motors, hydraulic systems, and other mechanical equipment
  • Maintaining equipment logs and preventative maintenance records as required
  • Monitoring inventories of fuels, oil filters, lube oils, greases and other service items
  • Working under the direction of the Derrickhand and Driller
  • Supervising, training and working with floorhands and laborers, ensuring that they work safely and efficiently
  • Participating in rig mobilization and de-mobilization (rig-up and tear-out)

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