Plumbers plan, install and service plumbing systems, fixtures, piping equipment and controls. These piping systems may be used to transport water, waste, gases or hot liquids.

On a typical construction job, plumbers do the “roughing in” after the frame and roof of a new building are in place. In other words, they:

  • Study the building plans and specifications to determine the layout for the plumbing and other materials
  • Locate and mark the positions for connections and fixtures
  • Cut holes through walls and floors to accommodate pipes
  • Select the type and size of pipe required and measure, cut, thread, bend, clamp, solvent cement or solder pipe
  • Assemble and install valves and fittings
  • Join pipe sections and secure them in position
  • Test pipe systems for leaks
  • Install underground storm sanitary and water piping system

Plumbers return to the construction site after the plasterers or drywallers, tilesetters and floor covering installers have completed their work to do the “finishing” work such as installing sinks, tubs and toilets.

Plumbers may specialize in the types of work they do:

  • Installing water conditioners
  • Installing plumbing in houses under construction
  • Installing plumbing in commercial, institutional, industrial or public buildings
  • Renovating, maintaining and repairing existing plumbing

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