Glaziers cut and install glass and aluminum systems for commercial, residential and automotive applications.

In general, glaziers

  • Read and interpret drawings and specifications to determine the materials required, location of framing and procedures for installation
  • Measure openings for size and shape, mark and cut glass panes to fit, secure the panes in place, weatherproof joints, and assemble and install aluminum window parts
  • Install, fit, fabricate and attach architectural metals or related substitute products in commercial and residential buildings
  • Assemble parts of pre-fabricated glass units such as revolving doors, display cases, plate glass, shower doors, store fronts, automatic doors, sky lights, sloped glazing, curtain walls, barrel vaults, solariums and other support structures
  • Install and maintain pre-fabricated glass, mirrors or glass products on walls, ceilings, fronts of buildings, handrails and walkways
  • Replace safety glass, windows, windshields, and glass in furniture and other products

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