Gasfitter, 1st Class


Gasfitters size, install, test, adjust and service natural gas and propane equipment ranging from residential furnaces to industrial boilers.

Gasfitters employed by utility companies repair and extend gas mains, and install, repair and service pipes and fittings between mains and buildings. Those employed by propane distributors install and service propane vaporizers, temporary heating equipment, propane metering and dispensing equipment, and propane pumping equipment. Gasfitters employed by mechanical and service companies install and maintain piping and appliances in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Following codes, regulations and accepted safety practices, gasfitters:

  • Determine the size and type of pipe, equipment, appliances and devices to use
  • Test, identify and select the correct piping and related materials
  • Measure, cut, thread and assemble pipe using tools such as pipe cutters, pipe threading machines and pipe vices
  • Install vents and flues, and connect gas-consuming appliances such as ranges, dryers, barbecues, furnaces, boilers, space heaters, radiant and forced air heaters
  • Test and replace defective equipment or components
  • Start-up and adjust new or repaired equipment
  • Prepare reports

Gasfitters may also:

  • Install and repair underground gas mains and distribution pipes
  • Respond to calls about escaping gas
  • Assist in the investigation of gas fires and explosions
  • Convert motor vehicles or appliances to use other fuels (e.g., propane or natural gas)
  • Install and service propane and natural gas filling stations

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