Gas Utility Operator


Gas utility operators install and service gas utility pipeline systems that transport natural gas from its source to points of use such as building meter sets.
Gas utility systems include:

  • Gas transmission distribution systems under various levels of pressure
  • Gas mains and services
  • Pressure controllers and regulators
  • Gas meter and measuring

Duties and responsibilities vary from one job to another but, in general, gas utility operators:

  • Interpret prints and specifications to determine the location, size and materials required to install gas mains
  • Install and maintain cathodic protection to prevent corrosion in steel and aluminum pipes
  • Locate underground gas systems and conduct routine surveys of gas mains and distribution lines to detect and locate escaping gas
  • Carry out routine gas system maintenance functions
  • Operate and maintain regulating, measuring and odorizing facilities
  • Provide information about underground gas distribution lines and observe excavation work to ensure that underground gas facilities are protected
  • Investigate reports of gas leaks to determine the exact location and extent of leaks
  • Use equipment to expose gas lines and repair damaged pipes
  • Use laptop computers to keep records of work performed, and the location and condition of pipelines

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