Bricklayers prepare and lay brick and other masonry units to construct and repair structures such as walls, partitions, patios, arches, fireplaces and chimneys.

Bricklayers work with masonry materials such as brick, concrete blocks, granite stones, structural tile and precast panels. They also lay or install fire brick in commercial and industrial furnaces and incinerators, and acid tile and acid brick in pulp mills.

In general, bricklayers:

  • Interpret drawings and blueprints, and calculate the materials required
  • Measure from an established starting point and construct corners first, using a plumb line and mason’s level to ensure each layer will be level from corner to corner
  • Spread mortar over the base or previous layer, spread more mortar on one end of each brick to be laid, and lay the bricks into position
  • Remove excess mortar after the brick (or other masonry material) is in position
  • Use a hammer and chisel or a masonry saw to cut bricks to fit, as required

Bricklayers must know the properties of various mortars and other bonding materials, and how to handle different types of masonry units.

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