Boilermakers build, erect, repair, test and maintain all types of boilers, tanks and pressure vessels, and perform all types of structural and plate work on dust, air, gas, steam, oil, water and other liquid-tight containers.
Boilermakers also erect and install boilers, sometimes working on scaffolds, and repair and maintain existing boilers and related metal products.

To fabricate and repair boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, fired heaters, reactors and other pressure vessels, boilermakers:

  • Develop a layout and plan the sequence of work to be done
  • Lay out plate, sheet steel or other heavy metal, and locate and mark bending and cutting lines
  • Shape the metal using metalworking machines such as shears and drill presses
  • Cut metal plate and brackets using an oxy-fuel torch, and chip and grind parts to shape for fitting together
  • Fit and tack weld parts together using electric arc welding equipment

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