Our Services:

Our Services For Tradesmen

We can place you in high-paying jobs with Canadian employers

  • Due to the shortage of trade workers in Canada, we can place you in long term jobs with Canadian companies
  • The jobs usually pay $18 - $32 per hour, plus overtime, benefits and allowances

We will assist you to obtain a work permit

  • Once you have a job offer, we’ll help arrange your work permit

We will help you get certified and qualified in Canada

  • We’ll help you qualify to practice your trade in Canada
  • We’ll help arrange training to pass the trade exams

Our associated law firms can help your family come to Canada

  • Foreign tradesmen can apply to bring their spouse, or common-law partner, and children to Canada
  • The spouse or common law partner can apply for a work permit
  • The children can qualify for free public schools until they finish high school

We can also help you apply to become Permanent Residents of Canada