About Us

CanadaTradeJobs.com is a division of LBC Enterprises Inc., a British Columbia company established in 1999 to assist immigrants to come to Canada. We work closely with Lowe & Company (www.CanadaVisaLaw.com), a Canadian Immigration and Business law firm, which has acted for thousands of immigrants and foreign workers since 1990.

The team at CanadaTradeJobs.com has over 25 years of combined experience in Canadian work permits, and has brought in workers for the Construction and Oil & Gas in Western Canada.  Our team is made up of Canadian and international lawyers, as well as licensed immigration consultants.  We have in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of Canadian immigration, and have worked with Canadian immigration offices in over 50 countries.

Our President, Jeffrey S. Lowe, is a Canadian Immigration and Business lawyer, and has practiced law in British Columbia since 1983.  He is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Lowe & Company, and is considered an innovator in the convergence of Business, Technology and the Law.  He has taught Immigration Law to lawyers and businesspeople across Canada, including: